what would off leash freedom do for you and your dogs life?

If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed, at the end of your rope, and begging your dog to listen....Are you ready to try something different?
Our 8 weeks online obedience program teaches you how to go from being frustrated with fido to enjoying your wonderful woof! 

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  • ​Who, What, Why & How-- starts 00-8.50
  • ​Testimonials-- Starts 8.50
  • ​FAQ: Time Commitment-- Starts 14.25
  • ​FAQ: Method Used-- Starts at 18.20
  • ​What You Get-- Starts at 22.06
  • ​My Story-- Starts at 28.05
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Big Benefits From Our Program

  • ​ #1: Helps You Achieve Off Leash Freedom With Your Dog
  • #2: Gets You More Quality, Enjoyable Time With Your Dog
  • #3: Gives You Our Framework Outlined And Taught In A Live Zoom Setting For Your Success
  • #4: Makes It Easy To Follow Through On The Training With Personal Daily Video Feedback
  • ​ #5: Discover The Best Relationship With Your Dog
  • ​ #6: Quickly Teach Your Dog How To Be A Calm And Happy Dog

We are seeing the same results from our In-person Program and Online Program


  • ​Personal attention: One of a kind training experience with daily video feedback.
  • Live Zoom calls:  Meet with Sarah and your small group once a week to go over homework, struggles, wins and everything in between!
  • Program organized for your success!:Video library with all trainings we go over, checklists to keep you on track and printable homework sheets to take with you as you train
  • ​Everything you need in one program: You'll go from kindergarten-college with your pup! No need for multiple classes to get all the results you want! We take you through to Off-Leash Freedom in 8 weeks 
  • ​Support for Life: After graduation, you have training support and access to Zoom sessions for the life of your dog! When you train with us, you're family 
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Our Online Obedience Program Is Set Up For Your Success!
Here is all the support we offer! Best part?!
Daily interaction with your Trainer Sarah

 1 hour Weekly Live Zoom Calls for 8 weeks

Live Zoom call includes covering the weekly homework assignments, answering questions in depth and offering support.

 Group Video App

Send daily training videos for feedback from Sarah, send short questions, concerns, struggles, wins! Also 1- 15 minute real time training session with Sarah.

 Video Library

All your homework in one place! Week by week assignments, videos and checklist are found here! Bonus videos, extra workshops found here

 Bonus Workshops

Calm Canine-Teach your dog how to CALM DOWN! 
Give Your Dog A Job- Fulfilling our dogs work drive 
All Live Trainings that are held:
Doorbell training, Overexcitement with guests,
Impulse Control, and many more

 Training Support For the Life of Your Dog

Attend our In-Person Program for free, receive email support for any and all behavioral issues that come up, even 5-10 years down the road! I've got your back!!

Our Online Obedience Program is Priced at  $699


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