Puppyhood Can Be Ruff...and Amazing

It's amazing how crazy and tiny fluff ball can have us feeling! So if you're feeling at the end of your 
rope, we can help you find the balance you so badly want! 

Congrats on your new furry friend!

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Puppyhood is hard! Don't do it alone

Expectation vs Reality in Puppyhood

Expectations of what puppyhood will look like vs the reality of raising a puppy is something most people will face! 

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 An Understanding Support System Can Help
Us Keep Puppies In Their Homes

No one steps into puppy parenthood thinking that they won't bond with the puppy, that this will be harder than they thought. Most puppy parents research diligently and feel they know what they are getting into... So when the "puppy blues" hit, it feels like it comes out of nowhere... because we were ready and prepared to raise this fluffy woof, yet we all of the sudden feel overwhelmed with the task and the reality of how much work puppies really are.  This isn't something a lot of people talk about... but understanding what is happening, building a support system, a routine and implementing structure into your puppy raising, helps us keep going... it allows so many puppies to stay in their homes when honestly we feel ready to give up. Puppyhood is ruff, you don't have to do it alone!

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Sometimes the hardest part of raising our puppy is that we are struggling and we may be feeling like we are drowning.. that we forget how amazing the fluff ball in front of us is!  So when the overwhelm hits... reach out, take a break and take time to think of the small things your puppy does to bring joy.... even if that is ....they are asleep and I get a break!

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It Will All Be Worth It

Spending the time in puppyhood to really build a deep bond, set up what living in your home looks like, and having patience is key to raising a puppy. Good things take time...right?? Raising a puppy is a process... it will look like excellent days and nights and backslides into hard and frustrating times... If you need help to set up routine and structure for your home
-- our Surviving and Thriving in Puppyhood Course--
takes you by the hand and helps you to move through the good and the hard! 

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Scotch Pines Dog Training has taught puppy raising skills and bonding techniques 1000’s of people have utilized and loved since 1993

As I struggled to work with my German Shepherd puppy-- as I started to personally work with a Scotch Pines Trainer-- I found myself relieved the training helped simplify the puppy raising process but it also helped me develop that bond I desperately wanted with my pup. 

 I didn't have to do it alone, I was able to get the support as I grew and learned about puppyhood, which reduced the overwhelming feelings that came with raising a puppy and allowed me to be my puppy’s best friend.

My only wish was I would have found a solution before I was at the end of my rope...so as I decided to franchise with Scotch Pines Dog Training, I knew I could be that person I wished I had from the start of my puppy raising journey....

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And that's why I created "Surviving & Thriving in Puppyhood"

This took a couple years of apprenticeship, years of applying and supporting people through their puppyhood experiences, and months of focused effort to create this course for you!

It makes the embarrassment, lack of knowledge and support and the process of trying and failing, but not giving up so worth it… I’d do it again in heartbeat to have the relationship I had with Billie.

What took me months of trying and failing with my puppy…with no success, I can now get done with any puppy I bring home… and now you can too!!

We understand the difficulty of living with a puppy that is out of control and has no chill factor. Preparation and research are great tools, but they will only get you so far. Before you know it, you are in over your head, and those Youtube and TikTok videos you have been trying still aren’t working, and you aren’t sure where your training is falling apart.

What you teach a puppy will become how it behaves as it becomes an adult dog.

This is where we come in. We know the wonderful feeling of having a puppy you truly enjoy having around. We want to teach your puppy to respect the boundaries you put in place so you can find joy instead of stress when you take your puppy home to their forever home.

It’s your job to help your puppy learn what you expect and want. Every owner is different, and even the experiences puppies have before you own them can influence their behaviors and entire life later on.

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 Here's just a sample of what you'll get with this step-by-step course...

Bringing puppy home–how to navigate the first few weeks as you set up routine and structure, start the bonding process immediately, and have a support system in the whirlwind of bringing puppy home.

Learn how you can avoid big socialization mistakes with your new puppy so you avoid reactivity, separation anxiety, and bigger behavioral issues down the road.

Set the stage for a life long relationship, bond and understanding where the dog fits within your home so you can thrive together with a deep bond.

Learn how different puppy stages can affect their behavior and how you address them with a different perspective.

Understanding how puppies learn and grow as they become a dog helping you become the best puppy parent and avoid the mistake of thinking a puppy will outgrow behaviors and "get better with time"

Sneak Peek Into Our Course!

4 modules to help you survive and thrive in puppyhood

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Would you like to get access to "Surviving & Thriving in Puppyhood"? On- Demand Course....

For less than ONE private lesson to address reactivity, separation anxiety and any other behaviors that we can avoid when we start our puppy out right.

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We have a big job to raise a happy, healthy dog! 

There is so much more to raising a puppy than teaching obedience!

  • Puppies are like sponges at the start of life! There are times that they accept and learn things like social skills. We need to be ready from day one to maximize the time we have to get experiences done correctly!!
  • We are responsible for teaching these fluffy babies! As much as we wish they came home pre-programmed, they do not. If they are doing something that we don't like or appreciate, it is up to us to teach them exactly what we want and need.
  • If you have certain needs, trying to find a puppy that fits well into your home will make your life sooo much easier!  Breed matters! If you can't commit to burning energy or getting brain work in-- find a less demanding breed... make sure you match with a lower energy puppy in the litter! There are ways to make sure you are getting a good fit for your home! Otherwise, changing your home environment, exercise style will be necessary to live together in a happy, healthy way!!
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It is important to have a realistic expectation of raising a puppy. There will still be times it feels frustrating–raising a puppy can be HARD! To get the relationship you want with your dog, you have to put the time and work into training them. It takes practice for them to know and learn what you expect from them, and they will never learn if you do not show them over and over. You will also have breed-specific traits and personalities to take into the equation. Then, it is up to you to help them grow and become excellent doggy companions and canine citizens who can go where you want to them without them making a fuss or creating chaos.

We know that the work and practice are worth it because our clients and their dogs have seen incredible results over the years.

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Now, while it would be impossible to show you ALL of the benefits of Surviving & Thriving in Puppyhood, I want to show you some of the things that you'll experience as soon as you're on the inside.

Your puppy depends on your to do the work, teach them how to be the dog you need them to be, and keep them in your happy home.

  • If all this did was show you how to raise a puppy that is a joy to be around, would it be worth it?
  • If all this did was help you work with your puppy without begging them to behave or listen, would it be worth it?
  • ​If all this did was allow you to properly socialize your puppy, would it be worth it?
  • ​If all this did was allow you to access support during the difficult times of puppyhood, would it be worth it??
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Here's what you get:

4 Module Self—Study video program

  • Module 1- What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Puppy($99 value)
  • Module 2- Socialization and Leadership Is Where It’s At!($99 value)
  • ​Module 3- All The Puppy Problems– What’s to Be Done($99 value)
  • Module 4– Bonus Sections--Feeding, spay and neuter info( $59 Value)
  • ​Bonus Workshop 1.Calm Canine- Teaching Your Dog How to Be Calm In All Settings  ($159 Value) 
  • ​Bonus Workshop  2.Give Your Dog a Job--Working Your Dogs Brain Helps Decrease Unwanted Behaviors, Reduces Anxiety, Reactivity, and Naughtiness ( $159 Value)
  • ​And All the Support You Could WANT
  • ​Private FB Group Private AND A Marco Polo Sharecast (Video App)  for more info and ability to send Trainer Sarah short videos and hear from her via video(Priceless)

Total value: $674

Today Just: $99


Get Started Today 100% Risk-Free

30 Days Money Back Guaranteed: If "Surviving & Thriving In Puppyhood" doesn't show you exactly how to avoiding puppy behaviors from becoming bad habits... if it doesn't take you by the hand, step-by-step to feel supported as you go through puppyhood to reduce the overwhelming feelings that come with raising a puppy... or if it fails to give you all the information laid out and presented in an easy way , then you will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!" 

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